=I'm glad you all could stop by for a while and visit my page.  Some changes are being made, but a web page designer's work is never done.  So, be patient.  There is some good news, soon, I  will register my own site!  More on that, soon.  I don't want anyone to take the domain name from me...  But I know that some of you probably know what that special name will be.  I will not be abandoning this site, it will remain up.  The other site will be for my portfolio.  All of my computer work, web page designs, 3D stills, and soon Flash 5 work, and also Photoshop.  This site will be for all my fun stuff.  So have fun!  Oh, and welcome back returning fans!


Have some fun here!  Everyone else does!


This page will be worked on.  More will come.  But the Dragon Key and One World Will End and Another One Will Begin will find their homes here.  They are the first to be a part of this grand and glorious scheme.  I have no doubt that I will not have space.  I have all the space I need stretch.  Hell, everything is as it should be—mine.  I don’t know when there will be a time to stop.  There might be a time when I have done all I can do for this page, when I have run out of ideas, but that is a long ways away.  So, never fear this.  I’ll have this page up and all will be well—will it?  I’m not bothered. 


           Well, now that I've moved to this new page of mine, I'm hoping to be set up with all sorts of things.  Anyways, I don't have as much space as I did on Xoom, so bare with me here.  I'm gonna be adding all sorts of new stuff on this page, including a page for my favorite radioactive lizard Godzilla!  Because of the brand spanking new movie Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Daikaiju Soukougeki, I've been getting a lot of pictures for my GMK photo album.  I'll post a few pictures for everyone's viewing pleasure, but a few that I have come from e-mails that my friends at Monster Zero give me.  I won't be posting those on this page.  Hey, to relieve my fears of fan fiction anxiety, I'll even post my new fanfic about good ol' Goji.  It's a killer and it might give young children nightmares, so, be careful when you read it.

        But dragon lovers, never fear, there will be lots of dragons, fire breathing and otherwise on this page as well.  And let's not forget my interesting attempts at selling my talent.  I'll have my 3D Art page a going.





See the page of the story that started it all—chapters and all:

One World Will End Another Will Begin


Still not enough?  Visit the page where the Dragon Key is located:

The Dragon Key Page


(Warning: these stories bare strong verbal language and content.  Not suitable for very young children, teenagers with low IQs, and Gary.  I don’t want to get in trouble with some kids parents.  So, please, don’t come knocking on my door, you young kids and read these stories.  They do have some foul words, but not many.  Parents, watch what your kids are viewing on the web.  This page may not be suitable for them.)


         Visit my 3D-art stills done in Cinema! Hopefully, soon, more to come!  This cut and paste thing ain't as easy as it sounds. 3D_art

           Here is my second attempt at a Godzilla page.  Godzilla

           Do visit the Photoshop Art Gallery. Photoshop Art by CII

 "Art of the SKB

          More to be coming soon!


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